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“A Quick Thought…” is a new series of short videos to help bring clarity about who God is as revealed through the scriptures, what He has done for us because of His love, and how we can know Him through faith in Jesus.
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More Quick Thoughts…

Come Explore With Me

God is, and He wants to be known! He created you, loves you, and is calling out to you. Perhaps that is why you are here!

The symphony of all creation speaks of its Creator, not only in the realms of reason and scientific inquiry, but also through the invisible longings and subtle nuances of the human heart. Have you been listening?

God has spoken even more directly to us in the Holy Bible. There we find His Story, and ours: who we are, what has gone wrong, and what He has done to restore us for all eternity!

So come! Explore! The God Who Is welcomes your questions!

Seeking Allah, Finding JESUS
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Thoughts on Intelligent Design by Erik Dressel 
Thoughts on Intelligent Design

In his Argument from Design, 18th-19th century theologian William Paley essentially stated that upon finding a watch on the ground, one wouldn’t have to meet the maker of the watch to plausibly assume that it was indeed designed and built by someone…a watchmaker. This assumption would be based upon his observation of intricately arranged precision parts, functioning interdependently toward a desired purpose…keeping time. Paley reasoned that if the complexity inherent in a simple watch must suggest a watchmaker, than how much more would the universe, and our earth with it’s billions of elaborate and purposeful life forms, presuppose a Designer. Continue reading →

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